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Seeing His heart for Japan

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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Answering Questions......

Many people had asked me questions about how I identified Japan as the nation that God had put into my heart, and how I identified Hong Kong as a route to it, and what I am planning to do in public health...
So, as an end note to this question, perhaps it is best I put this up to the blog, so you can refer to it to get your answer.
I hope by sharing this, you will be able to search your heart as well, and search what He had planned in you. Shalom! May God bless you!
The following letter <The Process>  was written in early June 2006.

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The Process

Dear Friends,
It had been a pleasure to always pray with you. I want to beg your pardon as I have a personal request here, that you would pray together with me now, and support me with your prayers.  I feel God is leading me in this way, and it would be a major move in my life, so being my prayer partners, I wish to share this with you, and just pray. For His direction in my life. Don't laugh, I just want you to be my witness in this process, so that I would not simply make a commitment in vain.
I know many of you are concern about me, my future plans, and my direction in life at this very moment. Below is a simple testimony, and a illustration of what my thoughts were about. I had not been much sharing about myself, but I think this is a time to have you to be my witness, on my journey to Heart4Japan. I pray that the story that I shared would encourage more people to begin to search the will of God in their lives. No matter whether my plans will be fulfill or fail, I think He is not looking at that, but my obedience in taking it. His plans are higher than my plans. May His will be done in my life!
Shalom! And
Thank you for your prayers,
Identifying Japan
I found it unbelievable even to convince myself to consider Japan as a mission field. Yet, the urge to pray for Japan when it came to the nations, was always piercing.
I basically tried to avoid this subject, missions. First of all, I was not ready to give up my Isaac, I was pretty much afraid, to die, to sacrifice. Secondly, I thought I would be better off in China or Europe than Japan.
So, it took many times, tears, heartaches, a lot of careful prayers, prompting. God need to deal with a lot of areas in my life before I come to say, OK, it's Japan. Taking Japan to my heart, was merely a respond to His love, which I had not deserved.
Kyoto-Tokyo: Searching His Heart
As the prompting in the spirit grew stronger, I knew I had to search for His heart and His will in my life with regards to Japan. So, by faith I went to Japan for 2 weeks in May last year. The Lord had miraculously provided, and I was even made into a short-term missionary by WEC in Kyoto. 
Pretty much confirmation came across quietly and quickly to me as I witnessed His heartbeat in Japan. I started to feel the urgency to pray for this land. Making aware that Japan, although she is full of pride and success, is a mission field of His heart that He had not neglected. The virtue of prayer is going to move Japan to another level!
The fact of there is only 0.21% of Japanese attending the church service, and this figure include the seekers too. With 75% of Japanese pastors over the age of 65, there will be a major shortage of skilled pastors by 2010.
Even the revival of the neighboring countries were burning, Japan is still dim. Not only about the spiritual darkness in Japan, if you look into Tokyo today. Materialism had drove more social problems than ever.  What is Japan's future in the next 10-20 years? Would Japan grip a seat in heaven as the day comes?
Hong Kong: Confirming Heart4Japan
I was led to Hong Kong in December last year, and found myself ended up with Japanese without any previous contacts. Everyday, I was led to the Japanese, or people who had similar visions or burdens to Japan. All my original plans were scrapped of circumstances. Again, the Hong Kong trip was a walk by faith. I found a new excitement in meeting new people everyday, and encouraging each other to pray for Japan. After many brainstorming session, the foundation of Heart4Japan gradually set.
It seems like God was pointing to me that, Hong Kong would play a main part in the network of Heart4Japan.
In January, we started a whole new ministry: Heart4Japan. What we do, is gather and pray!
The Process of HKU comes into Picture
Many were surprised that how I was accepted by HKU in the program of Masters in Public Health. How HKU had come into picture, after so much elaboration on Japan? 
I would say in logical reasoning , I'm just getting my self prepare for a stepping stone to Japan, as a professional tentmaker.
I was lead to Prof. Kirsten in her research of Church History in Japan last year, and found that she is with HKU till 2009. In early April this year, I went to HKU for a survey. I found HKU a basin where university or social evangelism is active, and also where a team of academic professional Japanese is. Prof. Kirsten is a nominal Christian, and she knows that she is not even a believer. But strange enough, we had a good time of fellowship, and she was still willingly to guide me through in this area. However, without a JLPT 1, it would be tough to read the materials of research. And because of my first degree in science, it made the faculty more reluctant to accept me into their masters program.
Then the Lord led me to think about this, ten years of training in medical science shouldn't it has a beautiful purpose in it? God had made me a Microbiology student with qualification, and then enrollment in the pharmaceutical industry for 6 years. Would it be a great asset to future tentmaking? However with what I'm having now, I'm not able to be launch out to Japan or nations in terms of qualification in professional tentmaking. That is when Public Health came into mind.
I chose HKU, as for a base to study and equipping myself. First, the data bank that they have on SARS and Avian bird flu is remarkable. The area of Medicine and  Public Health, has good reputation in the world. HK, by her experience, which would be in the recent years the most welcome scientist/researcher home base in Asia, even to Tokyo.
Secondly, being a student in HKU, I would able to gain great access to the library. There is treasure for me in there. If Prof. Kirsten has more curiosity to know more about the interlink of missions and reality of Christ, not so much on the political and economical influence and power longing in church. There will be a good spark to begin with. The members of Faculty in the Japanese Department mostly are non-Christian Japanese. Their thinking pattern is: A Christian will never be a good scholar. I'm hoping to know these Japanese people. Having in touch with these scholars, having good contacts and friendship, get them to think about the reality of Life, and Christ. And then, get them to write about Christianity in Japan. Then, we are able to see through their lenses, and grip a better view on their believes and understand what is the background of the resistance. I believe that will give the potential and future missionaries a better grip of Japan as they prepare themselves as workers to the field.
I feel even more encouraged if these people have convert, the students would come to know the Lord with no fear of hindrances. Knowing that the high drop out rate in Christianity in Japan is basically because of the conformity in the society. That was something that was always brewing in my mind.( And that what caused me to check it out in Kyoto University and Doshisha school last year, on the subject of "History impacts on Social Cultural development in Japan." )
But then, knowing that my profession and my interest in missions had aroused interest in the language scholars about my believes, and it seems also to be a much practical launching at this moment, I am willing to make that step. To qualify myself as a scientific scholar, to begin a network with these people. And also, a pre-entrance to the universities in Japan. That would be the plan!
The truth is, having the open door just for an acceptance in HKU was full of grace for a low grade student like me. And after all, not even a reference from my academic advisor in previous. But still, my faith is such small. And weak.
On June 5, I received the offer letter from HKU. And they asked me to reply them by June, with the first installment of HK 31,600. The full course is going to be HK 125,000. Reply by faith? My faith level was only to HK 8,000 for the first installment, and HK 31,500 for the tuition fees. From my initial thought of depositing HK 12,000 in August, to now, HK 50,000 for my first launch for the first six months in Hong Kong. This look very much as a huge challenge in my faith.
Maybe there is no big faith and small faith after all. It might just be am I making my God too small in my eyes?
All about HK and HKU, to me, seems like I was just walking as he hold my hand. The meetings and encounters fell in place without me noticing it, and without much effort.
But then, in my own plan, I also felt an inclination to stay back in my church for a while, to learn more about serving. To be disciple by my very own pastor. To visit churches. To write more about Japan. To mobilize more people to capture the vision of Japan. And I basically wish to have more sound theology knowledge and firm doctrines before I go, just being more ready.
In the same time, I also fell that urge in leaving fast and start working. This is an area of balance in my mind that I need to deal with.
What is RM 25K to God? Money should not be a hindrance if He really wants me to take up that course and be in Hong Kong, and learn about Japan, and learn about Japanese language. God could do new things everyday! He will send His provision, and I know it by faith.
I find myself as a young baby girl that is exposing to the outer world, and exercising her muscles. And I am on this swing. Seeing my Father standing there at that point before me. And all I want is to reach that point. Now, it is either, I am going to swing across, and fall just right into His arm, trusting Him to catch me right at the time. Or, let go the swing, and be on my knees and crawl to Him. In both ways, I'm going to get to the point, where He wants me to be. Swinging, is a raise of faith level in Him; crawling, is a process of perseverance. Swinging is direct and fast, with no delay. Crawling is slow but steady, also allowing time and room for temptation of zig-zaging to the destined point.
So, am I now going to take the challenge? Signing the acceptance letter by faith, and trusting that He will provides for me in due time. After all, these are His plans. I just need to take the step of obedience, and wait. Then, I would know where my placement would be.
Right now, all I want to do is I just want to bring this back again to the Lord, wanting to be in that place of obedience, and also wish to discern and examine myself once again before His throne. Am I too quick to make a decision? Or am I just jumping into His train of revival, not wanting to miss any miracle! Let's pray.

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Monday, June 12, 2006
From Keeping Secret to Sharing

These few days, after I posted out my fear to the prayer network of Heart4Japan, I started to receive mails and phone calls of faith and encouragement. Suddenly, I was like surrounded by a council of wisdom (like the king, King David perhapsBig Smile). I am truly blessed to have you as my witness.
I had been keeping my walk with God in secret. I was very reluctant to share or to testify His personal goodness on me. That was between me and God, I thought. But then, there is a time of keeping secret, and there is a time to share. Nehemiah had kept a secret. Neh2:11-16 I went to Jerusalem, and after staying there three days I set out during the night with a few men. I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem. There were no mounts with me except the one I was riding on. By night I went out through the Valley Gate toward the Jackal Well and the Dung Gate, examining the walls of Jerusalem, which had been broken down, and its gates, which had been destroyed by fire. Then I moved on toward the Fountain Gate and the King's Pool, but there was not enough room for my mount to get through; so I went up the valley by night, examining the wall. Finally, I turned back and reentered through the Valley Gate. The officials did not know where I had gone or what I was doing, because as yet I had said nothing to the Jews or the priests or nobles or officials or any others who would be doing the work.
For all these years in the journey, I had kept my mourning, fast and prayers before the God of heaven in secret. Fearing objection, fearing failure in life, etc. After all, it is a personal relationship with God that counts. My mom and my family thought I was crazy as I was suddenly having a whole new direction and hobbies in life, I became a "boring" person while immersed myself in bible study. My mom watched this in silence, and on and off, she would came to ask me, " Tell me the truth, what God had spoken to you? " or " So, is that true that you going to be a pastor?". I remained silence. The true fact was I simply didn't know. I was not ready. I was crying, but I was not ready. I was very much afraid. Afraid of God, afraid of my mom, afraid of myself.
As the prompting grew stronger and stronger, I knew I had no way to hide. So, I started to take a step at a time. I tried to obey His command. By stepping into each ministry that He opened a door for me/ I had an opportunity to serve, I would just examine myself again and again, taking the words of prophecy or encouragement in caution, grab hold of every chances that I could possibly learn and equip myself. Still, when I was asked about my future plans, I remained deep silence. It was very funny as you think about it, I am an outwardly cheerful and chatty person. But as it came to the question for future ministry, I would suddenly sank into a deep thought where the chatter would stop abruptly. I continued to be in that mysterious way, I knew it was not the time to reveal. And of course, what for to make a commitment in vain or a suggestion that I might not be able to fulfill? I was not ready for anything, I had nothing, I was broke as I came to Jesus, I was still in His nurse and cares, I was basically nobody. It would be too far away for me to talk about it or even, to dream. I was just happy of the way it was.  No changes, if there is any, I wanted a secure one.
I cried out to God, feeling inferior. I wanted to respond to Him, to the prompting of the Spirit, but when I was asked to put my Isaac on the altar, I could not. My Isaac to me is my mom, my family. I was very very afraid. I had came to God because my father died in an accident. I walked on his path, to search his belief, to search his heart, to mend my wounds of guilt for not having proper relationship with him. In the search of my father, I searched my heavenly Father. He had called me. I suffered many lost of lives, my elder brother in my childhood, my dearest grandma who raised me, my grandpa, my uncle. I could not bear to loose any of my family members anymore. No, Lord. No.
You see, now I can laugh at it. But at that time in my life. I was serious. I could not let go my Isaac. I held my mom and my family closely to my chest, and I just refused to put them on the altar. So, I would cry and cry and cry whenever there was an altar call especially in the mission meetings. I had no idea who God was. My fear was worse, as I remembered each time as I responded to a call for service, or as I made a commitment, I would be caught with an accident. And each time, I knew God had preserved my life. I owed my life to God practically. I thought that was the devil's plot and God's mercy to see me through. I read about Job, I was scared; I read about the prophets, I was scared; I read about the disciples, I was scared. I just wanted to be an ordinary person, faithful and obedience. I told God that. But yet, God has a better plan! He is good. He is my Father. And He is not my Father for nothing. As I started to understand that, I began to take courage and asked.
"Lord, why me? Must I respond?"
He was silent.
"Lord, how about so and so? I believe that you had called them too. Why didn't they respond?"
He was silent.
"Lord, do you still love them although they don't respond?"
"Yes, I love them, still, regardless they respond or not."
"Lord, the would you love me still, if I don't go?"
"Yes, I love you, still."
My tears wet my eyes, and then I asked again,
"Lord, tell me, is it Japan that you are trying to tell me?"
Then, I heard His voice saying, "Who will go for me? Who will go for me?"
And I said, "I will go. Send me, I will go."
I responded, feeling a lift of the burdens on my shoulders. And I was weeping in joy, feeling relieved. I was not responding because of I was fear of His rage. I responded because I was touched by His love. As I was embraced in His love, I made that decision.
That evening, as I was eagerly to go home as I finished work earlier. I was suppose to share a message with the cell group, and that was my first time to share a message. My car crashed into a guardrail on a slippery road, on a speed of about 30-40km/hr. I felt blessed as my car had not overturned or fell over the guardrail and dropped on to another lane below. I was all alone, I drove the car carefully to the roadside, and as I reached to a safe spot, my car could not move another inch because of the mud that was stuck to the wheel. I called home to inform my mom that I would be back late, and told her about the situation so that she could pray for me. It was unusual, but both of us felt that peace that flow within us. Suddenly I realized I was not fear of death anymore. The fear of death that clutched on me had lost its grip. Even in that moment of waiting for help, I was able to rejoice and sang praise to God. Thanking Him for looking after me, and preserving my life. The devil could not use that against me anymore! I was pretty secured in knowing His love and His providence to my family would never lack! I had that joy and peace.
The next day, was the final class for Worldwide Perspective. As usual, Ps. Dorai gathered us together, and asked us to answer his 3 favorite questions. He always encouraged the student to take a step or at least a stand after attending each mission class. Swee Gim and Wye Choon were there, Cynthia, Adrian and Hock Cheng were there, and a few of us were students. I remembered Swee Gim approached me warmly, and asked about the people group in my mind. I gave her a weak smile, I was still not able to answer that question yet. As Adrian and SL were sharing their passion for China, and knowing that my ability in Mandarin, many suggested that God must had prepared me to China. I was not afraid of placing my Isaac on the altar anymore, but still I was shy to tell people about Japan. After all, I had not convinced myself why Japan. And looking at my skills and what I had, I was like going against the flow. How could I be so sure for Japan? Why not the Muslims, or Malaysia, or China? Or maybe Europe would be a good choice. In fact, while we discussed about the work among the M, I would always wonder and asked questions about the fallen Europe, what would happen to the nominal Christians when the day comes? I was really unsure about Japan. As I asked God about Japan, all He said was " Who shall go for me?" I held reservation on that.
A year ended and a year began. I started to yearn over Japan. I read more about Japan, did some research, went to look for scholarships, looked for courses, but nothing was really appealing. But I tried. Then, me and God had some private moments, and I booked a ticket to Japan. I wanted to know why Japan. What is His heart for Japan? God provided miraculously, I went. With a permission from my mom and Dorai, I went.
I called it a survey, as Joshua was sent to the land of Canaan. The affirmation came again and again, by prayers, by words. True enough, the verse that the Lord had spoke to Joshua had again and again encouraged me and sustained me in many decisions to make along the journey.
As I came back from Japan, I knew I need to have a team. I need to start to share. It is a time for sharing now. The Lord showed me clearly that works in Japan would need a lot of prayers behind to support. And I could sense an extravagance of temptations in Japan. The lukewarmness in the heart of the churches, the materialism in the cities, extra long hours of working and tiredness and loneliness. I felt lost in the heart of Japan, Tokyo. But yet, I heard His heartbeat for Japan. Japan, was made to worship Him, not the Shinto Gods, not others, not Money. 
So, that's how Heart4Japan came about, how the urge of prayers came about. Although I stumbled and fell many times, but He had worked a way for the prayer network. He had never taken my mistakes into account. And I knew it very clearly, it was never because of me, I cannot take any credit for that. Our heavenly Father have a heart for Japan, and He is calling His children to revive and to pray and work in this place. He is the one who put the love in you when you started to pray for Japan. He is the one who pulled the string in your heart.
Neh2:17-18 Then I said to them, "You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace." I also told them about the gracious hand of my God upon me and what the king had said to me.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Laying down Issac

My heart gets excited to see God moves in the hearts of the people for Japan. It is really His heart to get Japan saved. There is no doubt in this area!

Gradually, from taking the first step in obedience, now the lonely little bloc for H4J had turned into a small prayer network. While walking through, drought and fullness became a cycle in life.

Last year at this time, I was in Kyoto, and then the next week I was in Tokyo. From pulling the horse avoiding stepping to the forefront, I could never imagine myself turned into a short-term missionary just by taking the step of faith. Letting God be God, taking risk of being scorned and not accepted, the heart that beats for Japan moved thus far.

Somehow, I had never realized that the Great Commission, is not only obeying the beat of His heart, but also is a constant process of laying down my Isaac on the altar. I thought laying down my Isaac only took once, and that was the step before stepping forward. God knows that how struggle it was for me to lay down my Isaac two years back. I was crying and weeping, soaking myself in tears and carefully doing research and secretly holding myself before I could came to that point, just to share about the vision that God put in my heart -- Japan!

I thought the agony was over when I came back from the short trip. Then, before I realized about it, the Isaac in my life changed, I had to go through the same process again. I felt so defeated, and a feeling of failing God made me ashamed. I became silence, and once again, I doubted myself, and even the calling to serve. Innocently, I fell into the trap of the enemy. As I struggled with my sinful nature, God had continued to show me His faithfulness and kindness. He strengthened me as I was punched down in shame, and that process was repeating again and again. When the shame tempted me to leave Jesus, I rose up in my spirit and fought back! I got to run the race. It is for Him to judge, not for me. I love Jesus! Moreover, I was the prodigal son.

Now, I am facing my third Isaac in life. Each time, the laying down process gets harder and harder. I thought I was such a hypocrite when I faced my third Isaac. Then I learned the truth! Laying down my Isaac would never end. Walking with Jesus Christ is never an easy journey. Our faith would constantly be tested and proved in the journey. I finally realized, what I was tested was my willingness to lay down my rights! It was crazy to notice how the first Isaac turned into second Isaac and later into third Isaac. All these were unrelated, and I had never gave the second and third a thought in my life. Yet, in the test of faith, I was surprised on how these unexpected issues to hold and bound me from moving forward into the Kingdom of God.

As I was hoping to move for Him, I constantly discover God was doing something in my life. The result of obedience will always bring joy far more than I understood about it. But the pruning really hurts, and it is still a very painful process. And so many of times, I laid down my Isaac, feeling so helpless, the next minute before I realized about it, I took it back again from His hand. The agony of it was really a torment in spirit. Please pray for me! I need your prayers to hold me right, for I am extremely weak.

In Jesus, Amen.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
The secret of prayer - attitude of Praise

As I begin to sing and praise the Lord, meditating on His goodness and greatness, Japan comes into my vision, and I gain a breakthrough in prayers!
Can you imagine the people in Yoyogi Park dance and sing praises to the Yahweh, the crowd in Shibuya and Shinjuku jump and shout the name of Jesus! That will certainly bring joy to your heart! The attitude of praise unlock the secret of His power and tear down His glory. Japan is a piece of hard land? The answer is: all things are possible for our Abba Father(Mark14:36)
Hasn't He had said to you, "It's my heart that you are praying about," "it's my will to see Japan to rise up and give thanks unto me."
May we press in and believe! We can do all things in Him that strengthened us! Let us proclaim the Land for Jesus! Amen!



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Friday, January 27, 2006
It's a battle of God

Many of us here love Japan, and wanting to see the Japanese to be saved. And many of us here are natural culture lovers. Beware of that situation that Japanese culture do not run away far from it's religion influence. There is a dark force at behind the scene of beautiful pictures. Notice that : (Eph6:12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness, against spiritual wikedness in high places. When we are called into the battle, and as we determine to see Japan saved, we need to follow what God says to us:
(1Sa 15:1-3)    撒母耳对扫罗说:「耶和华差遣我膏你为王,治理他的百姓以色列;所以你当听从耶和华的话。万军之耶和华如此说:『以色列人出埃及的时候,在路上亚玛力人怎样待他们,怎样抵挡他们,我都没忘。 现在你要去击打亚玛力人,灭尽他们所有的, 不可怜惜他们,将男女、孩童、吃奶的,并牛、羊、骆驼,和驴尽行杀死。』」 和合本)


(1Sa 15:1-3)   And Samuel said unto Saul, Jehovah sent me to anoint thee to be king over his people, over Israel: now therefore hearken thou unto the voice of the words of Jehovah.  Thus saith Jehovah of hosts, I have marked that which Amalek did to Israel, how he set himself against him in the way, when he came up out of Egypt. Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. (ASV)


(1Sa 15:1-3)   Samuel said to Saul, "I am the one whom the LORD sent to anoint you king of his people Israel. Now listen to what the LORD Almighty says.  He is going to punish the people of Amalek because their ancestors opposed the Israelites when they were coming from Egypt. Go and attack the Amalekites and completely destroy everything they have. Don't leave a thing; kill all the men, women, children, and babies; the cattle, sheep, camels, and donkeys." (GNB)

We are called to completely destroy the enemy, do not spare any one of them. Maybe we thought are these are harmless creatures, but listen to the Lord! And be Bold, in the name of Jesus!
(Mat 12:29) Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.
We need to bind the strong man in Japan with much prayers. Prayers of breakthrough, if we persist, if we press on! Identify the strong man in Japan, spiritually, physically, pray according to that direction! Please share with us, on what God leads you on! Do not fight alone, we need a strong team work in this matter!
Hallelujah to the Mighty King!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
One billion subjects to die

According to the World Fact Book, last updated on Nov 2005, the total population in Japan today is 127,417,214. Shinto and Buddhist religion takes up about 84% of the population, and Christian is at 0.7%. This means Christian population in Japan today is 891,920. Be aware that this figure also includes the Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, as well as many other denominations.

Why are we focusing on Japan? As the End-Time is approaching, the harvest is plenty, the workers are few.

If Christ is coming tomorrow, it means that more than 126,525,294 lives in Japan will be doomed because of not knowing Jesus Christ! That is almost the whole population in Japan! I wonder how would that happen? And as the disciple of Jesus Christ, what would be our answer to Christ as we all stand before His Judgement? Or we would hear something like this? "If Japan continue to worship at the Yasukuni Shrine, and continue to be silent on their mistakes in WW2, they are not worthy for Heaven! "

I wonder what would Christ answer......

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Monday, November 14, 2005
Japan Mission Resource Center

What do you think about having a Japan Mission Resource Center? Please give me a feed back on this. Do you think that the resource that you have in hand is enough for you in your ministry? If you would have a choice, what kind of resource that you would love to have in hand before you enter into Japan Ministry? Let me know, give me some input. Thank you!

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Monday, August 01, 2005
Sharing with the Chinese Students

Praise God!

On July 29, I had an opportunity to share about my trip in Japan with the Chinese Students Ministries in FGA PJ. I would expected some fiery questions, but surprisingly the sharing obtained a pleasant respond. At the end of the meeting, we got to pray for God's will to be done in each individual's life. And if there is a calling, we prayed that God continue to impress and enlarge the vision in their very personal life, whether is for Japan or even other places.

I was excited for having that precious moment to share with the Chinese about the needs of Japan. The sharing session was more like to loosen the hardship feeling throughout history by the words of God. It was really a great joy! I started to see some new lights in what I can do at this moment. Oh, God, help me!

My prayer: Praise you, Lord! Guide me in your way. And please pray for me, for I am weak! I had not been doing much since I came back from Japan. I was struggled with many things, weak of my flesh, and many duties that I must fulfill. Merciful Lord, be my King!

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Friday, June 17, 2005
John 14:6

Shrines are very common in Japan. In Kyoto, every 500m away there is a temple or a shrine. I cann't help but to think about Paul, walking in the city of Athens. A city full of idols! A religious people group, but missing the heart of worship. You worship this God, but you don't really know him. So I want to tell you about him. Act 17:23

God! May your light shine forth! Open their eyes and make them see!

Meiji Jungu Shrine: Meiji Jingu is the Shinto shrine dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Emperor Shoken. Emperor Meiji passed away in 1912 and Empress Shoken in 1914. After their demise, people wished to commemorate their virtues and to venerate them forever, and so this shrine was constructed, and their souls were enshrined on November 1, 1920.

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