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Seeing His heart for Japan

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Being a Japanese Christian

There are certainly many blessings in Japan. How I wish I can present you the fine works that God had put into these people. I fear the pictures wouldn't be able to capture the real essence of Japan.

How could I put these thoughts completely in words? The limitation of expression of words cause me to fear that I can't relate you to the reality of the fine art in Creation, and bring you to see how these fine people had seriously admired God's creation But MISSED the point. Who is the Creator?

It seems like there are so many pressures that a Japanese pastor has to go through, and so many things that they have to do. If you could link up a typical Japanese culture where overlap images are involved, and putting it up with the urgency to reach out to the unreached, it's often very discouraging. And then, you could imagine being a Christian in Japan, you are really walking against the current of wind, and there are often strong, chilling wind(sometimes typhoon), what more is being a Christian Pastor? (mind that I had exclude the issue of poor membership, poor support to the church, both social and financial. Many pastors have to work part-time to support the work of the church and thier living!)

The pressure that a Chinese Christian in Malaysia feels during main festivals or in the season of "balik kampung" is repeating day by day when a Japanese receive Christ into thier lives. A main line church will distinguish a believer and a non-believer by the issue of sake, cigarettes, shrine and temple activities. And all mentioned are the norm as in the culture of a Japanese.

Take the 1% of Japanese population, as for the government official statistic, split it into Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Protestant. And within the Protestant, split it again into nominal Christian, faithful Christian, what does it left? And even within the faithful Christian, there will be so many division! I think taking all these into account, the conflicts of missionaries and the local pastors certainly HUGE.

This is my heart feeling about Japan, yet it can be so shallow as I was only for a while in Japan. How I wish I can see more churches, to find out more, to see more, to tap my fingers in!

written on 12th, May, 2005

Posted at 01:44 am by roseline
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Monday, May 30, 2005
Japan- the land of rising sun

Japan - the land of rising sun. You cann't believe that at 4am, I see the sun rise in the cloud on the plane. And at 5.30am, the sun is at altitude of 10688m from the land. It must have some reason on why God is giving so much blessings to Japan. It is awesome. Seeing how God had created Japan, starting from the very basic geographical location, the botanical design etc., I was really amazed on the fine art of God.

When I reached Tokyo station, especially on the train from Kyoto station going to Wani, I felt the spirit of oppression and a deep depress which I thought it really hides in the them and maybe they didn't realize it either. Seeing the spiritual bondage in this situation, a deep sense of "kanashi"(sadness) was in me, and I felt even so weak to pray. I don't know how I get the idea, because generally people were either smiling or having no expression on face, and I believe that is quite common in Malaysia. Maybe I'm just being extra sensitive or have it exagerated.

In the air-port and the station, I was often being mixed up as a local. And mind you my Japanese is so poor:-)

I never thought working with WEC will actually leads me to Kyoto, which I think it is too good for me to have it. And it is just so good to see and hear from the people on the field. The sharings are having so much truth for most of them are really long enough in the field, and really struggling and happily sowing seeds. I tell you this will take a real heart and reall burden and real call for someone to stay in this hard, cold, dry, expensive and discouraging(to most of the people who had or never been into the field) land.

If it is going to be ten years, and hardly you can see ten converts. Am I able to withstand and uphold the call? Sometimes we like to think, just take one step at a time, that would be so much better! Just as how I took it for this trip, just one step at a time, and see Him work. Yet, I cann't answer the question that had come into my mind. Am I able? Am I willing?

As the operation of back to Jerusalem is in the spot light these days. As China and Korea had come up to be the rising stars for His revival purpose. I think Japan is really the missing link of revival, and I pray that His Kingdom here! Amen.

written on 3rd, May, 2005 ammended on 30th May, 2005

Posted at 01:19 am by roseline
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Introduction to the journey of faith into Japan

It had been a while when I started to pray for Japan as an adopted nation.

With a lot of doubts, why Japan? why not others?

But then the Lord had spoke to me over this matter from time to time, by sending different people, or making happened certain events, assuring me that I was not coming out this by myself, but rather his Spirit.

As the Lord started to impress me that I should go, and learn about his will in Japan. I fasted and prayed. In short, he sent his comfirmation by providing me the leave and a reasonable air-ticket, I was eager to leave. I took the air-ticket, and started off a journey to the unknown land.

As soon as I took the ticket in faith, God started to open the door for me. He put me with contact with WEC in Kyoto, and then an ex-OMer in Tokyo who is now working with the Alliance. There, started the journey of faith. I was excited! like I was sent to spy on the canaan land. I was going to search the heart of our Father in the land of the rising sun! (Num 13:2)

Posted at 01:03 am by roseline
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