Entry: Introduction to the journey of faith into Japan Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It had been a while when I started to pray for Japan as an adopted nation.

With a lot of doubts, why Japan? why not others?

But then the Lord had spoke to me over this matter from time to time, by sending different people, or making happened certain events, assuring me that I was not coming out this by myself, but rather his Spirit.

As the Lord started to impress me that I should go, and learn about his will in Japan. I fasted and prayed. In short, he sent his comfirmation by providing me the leave and a reasonable air-ticket, I was eager to leave. I took the air-ticket, and started off a journey to the unknown land.

As soon as I took the ticket in faith, God started to open the door for me. He put me with contact with WEC in Kyoto, and then an ex-OMer in Tokyo who is now working with the Alliance. There, started the journey of faith. I was excited! like I was sent to spy on the canaan land. I was going to search the heart of our Father in the land of the rising sun! (Num 13:2)


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