Entry: Answering Questions...... Thursday, February 01, 2007

Many people had asked me questions about how I identified Japan as the nation that God had put into my heart, and how I identified Hong Kong as a route to it, and what I am planning to do in public health...
So, as an end note to this question, perhaps it is best I put this up to the blog, so you can refer to it to get your answer.
I hope by sharing this, you will be able to search your heart as well, and search what He had planned in you. Shalom! May God bless you!
The following letter <The Process>  was written in early June 2006.


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April 3, 2008   04:00 AM PDT

i saw your video in the CMA group of facebook and i must say that it only reiterated what God has called me too. I am a student in the US. I have been called to be a vocational minister/missionary in Japan.

It seems to me, each and every day, that God is just putting together an army of worker/missionaries to hit Japan in this generation and i cannot wait to see how God will use me, you, and everyone else in that great nation...

Ken Goto
March 21, 2007   10:29 PM PDT
Hi,Rose, How are you doing?
Thank you that you keep praying for us, Japan. what a precious person you are. I and JPN whom you met in Malaysia will pray for you to be blessed so much and God reward your prayer. I am in back home now to preprare the ship come. Have a great time wherever you are. God bless

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