Entry: The Process Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dear Friends,
It had been a pleasure to always pray with you. I want to beg your pardon as I have a personal request here, that you would pray together with me now, and support me with your prayers.  I feel God is leading me in this way, and it would be a major move in my life, so being my prayer partners, I wish to share this with you, and just pray. For His direction in my life. Don't laugh, I just want you to be my witness in this process, so that I would not simply make a commitment in vain.
I know many of you are concern about me, my future plans, and my direction in life at this very moment. Below is a simple testimony, and a illustration of what my thoughts were about. I had not been much sharing about myself, but I think this is a time to have you to be my witness, on my journey to Heart4Japan. I pray that the story that I shared would encourage more people to begin to search the will of God in their lives. No matter whether my plans will be fulfill or fail, I think He is not looking at that, but my obedience in taking it. His plans are higher than my plans. May His will be done in my life!
Shalom! And
Thank you for your prayers,
Identifying Japan
I found it unbelievable even to convince myself to consider Japan as a mission field. Yet, the urge to pray for Japan when it came to the nations, was always piercing.
I basically tried to avoid this subject, missions. First of all, I was not ready to give up my Isaac, I was pretty much afraid, to die, to sacrifice. Secondly, I thought I would be better off in China or Europe than Japan.
So, it took many times, tears, heartaches, a lot of careful prayers, prompting. God need to deal with a lot of areas in my life before I come to say, OK, it's Japan. Taking Japan to my heart, was merely a respond to His love, which I had not deserved.
Kyoto-Tokyo: Searching His Heart
As the prompting in the spirit grew stronger, I knew I had to search for His heart and His will in my life with regards to Japan. So, by faith I went to Japan for 2 weeks in May last year. The Lord had miraculously provided, and I was even made into a short-term missionary by WEC in Kyoto. 
Pretty much confirmation came across quietly and quickly to me as I witnessed His heartbeat in Japan. I started to feel the urgency to pray for this land. Making aware that Japan, although she is full of pride and success, is a mission field of His heart that He had not neglected. The virtue of prayer is going to move Japan to another level!
The fact of there is only 0.21% of Japanese attending the church service, and this figure include the seekers too. With 75% of Japanese pastors over the age of 65, there will be a major shortage of skilled pastors by 2010.
Even the revival of the neighboring countries were burning, Japan is still dim. Not only about the spiritual darkness in Japan, if you look into Tokyo today. Materialism had drove more social problems than ever.  What is Japan's future in the next 10-20 years? Would Japan grip a seat in heaven as the day comes?
Hong Kong: Confirming Heart4Japan
I was led to Hong Kong in December last year, and found myself ended up with Japanese without any previous contacts. Everyday, I was led to the Japanese, or people who had similar visions or burdens to Japan. All my original plans were scrapped of circumstances. Again, the Hong Kong trip was a walk by faith. I found a new excitement in meeting new people everyday, and encouraging each other to pray for Japan. After many brainstorming session, the foundation of Heart4Japan gradually set.
It seems like God was pointing to me that, Hong Kong would play a main part in the network of Heart4Japan.
In January, we started a whole new ministry: Heart4Japan. What we do, is gather and pray!
The Process of HKU comes into Picture
Many were surprised that how I was accepted by HKU in the program of Masters in Public Health. How HKU had come into picture, after so much elaboration on Japan? 
I would say in logical reasoning , I'm just getting my self prepare for a stepping stone to Japan, as a professional tentmaker.
I was lead to Prof. Kirsten in her research of Church History in Japan last year, and found that she is with HKU till 2009. In early April this year, I went to HKU for a survey. I found HKU a basin where university or social evangelism is active, and also where a team of academic professional Japanese is. Prof. Kirsten is a nominal Christian, and she knows that she is not even a believer. But strange enough, we had a good time of fellowship, and she was still willingly to guide me through in this area. However, without a JLPT 1, it would be tough to read the materials of research. And because of my first degree in science, it made the faculty more reluctant to accept me into their masters program.
Then the Lord led me to think about this, ten years of training in medical science shouldn't it has a beautiful purpose in it? God had made me a Microbiology student with qualification, and then enrollment in the pharmaceutical industry for 6 years. Would it be a great asset to future tentmaking? However with what I'm having now, I'm not able to be launch out to Japan or nations in terms of qualification in professional tentmaking. That is when Public Health came into mind.
I chose HKU, as for a base to study and equipping myself. First, the data bank that they have on SARS and Avian bird flu is remarkable. The area of Medicine and  Public Health, has good reputation in the world. HK, by her experience, which would be in the recent years the most welcome scientist/researcher home base in Asia, even to Tokyo.
Secondly, being a student in HKU, I would able to gain great access to the library. There is treasure for me in there. If Prof. Kirsten has more curiosity to know more about the interlink of missions and reality of Christ, not so much on the political and economical influence and power longing in church. There will be a good spark to begin with. The members of Faculty in the Japanese Department mostly are non-Christian Japanese. Their thinking pattern is: A Christian will never be a good scholar. I'm hoping to know these Japanese people. Having in touch with these scholars, having good contacts and friendship, get them to think about the reality of Life, and Christ. And then, get them to write about Christianity in Japan. Then, we are able to see through their lenses, and grip a better view on their believes and understand what is the background of the resistance. I believe that will give the potential and future missionaries a better grip of Japan as they prepare themselves as workers to the field.
I feel even more encouraged if these people have convert, the students would come to know the Lord with no fear of hindrances. Knowing that the high drop out rate in Christianity in Japan is basically because of the conformity in the society. That was something that was always brewing in my mind.( And that what caused me to check it out in Kyoto University and Doshisha school last year, on the subject of "History impacts on Social Cultural development in Japan." )
But then, knowing that my profession and my interest in missions had aroused interest in the language scholars about my believes, and it seems also to be a much practical launching at this moment, I am willing to make that step. To qualify myself as a scientific scholar, to begin a network with these people. And also, a pre-entrance to the universities in Japan. That would be the plan!
The truth is, having the open door just for an acceptance in HKU was full of grace for a low grade student like me. And after all, not even a reference from my academic advisor in previous. But still, my faith is such small. And weak.
On June 5, I received the offer letter from HKU. And they asked me to reply them by June, with the first installment of HK 31,600. The full course is going to be HK 125,000. Reply by faith? My faith level was only to HK 8,000 for the first installment, and HK 31,500 for the tuition fees. From my initial thought of depositing HK 12,000 in August, to now, HK 50,000 for my first launch for the first six months in Hong Kong. This look very much as a huge challenge in my faith.
Maybe there is no big faith and small faith after all. It might just be am I making my God too small in my eyes?
All about HK and HKU, to me, seems like I was just walking as he hold my hand. The meetings and encounters fell in place without me noticing it, and without much effort.
But then, in my own plan, I also felt an inclination to stay back in my church for a while, to learn more about serving. To be disciple by my very own pastor. To visit churches. To write more about Japan. To mobilize more people to capture the vision of Japan. And I basically wish to have more sound theology knowledge and firm doctrines before I go, just being more ready.
In the same time, I also fell that urge in leaving fast and start working. This is an area of balance in my mind that I need to deal with.
What is RM 25K to God? Money should not be a hindrance if He really wants me to take up that course and be in Hong Kong, and learn about Japan, and learn about Japanese language. God could do new things everyday! He will send His provision, and I know it by faith.
I find myself as a young baby girl that is exposing to the outer world, and exercising her muscles. And I am on this swing. Seeing my Father standing there at that point before me. And all I want is to reach that point. Now, it is either, I am going to swing across, and fall just right into His arm, trusting Him to catch me right at the time. Or, let go the swing, and be on my knees and crawl to Him. In both ways, I'm going to get to the point, where He wants me to be. Swinging, is a raise of faith level in Him; crawling, is a process of perseverance. Swinging is direct and fast, with no delay. Crawling is slow but steady, also allowing time and room for temptation of zig-zaging to the destined point.
So, am I now going to take the challenge? Signing the acceptance letter by faith, and trusting that He will provides for me in due time. After all, these are His plans. I just need to take the step of obedience, and wait. Then, I would know where my placement would be.
Right now, all I want to do is I just want to bring this back again to the Lord, wanting to be in that place of obedience, and also wish to discern and examine myself once again before His throne. Am I too quick to make a decision? Or am I just jumping into His train of revival, not wanting to miss any miracle! Let's pray.


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