Entry: One billion subjects to die Wednesday, November 23, 2005

According to the World Fact Book, last updated on Nov 2005, the total population in Japan today is 127,417,214. Shinto and Buddhist religion takes up about 84% of the population, and Christian is at 0.7%. This means Christian population in Japan today is 891,920. Be aware that this figure also includes the Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, as well as many other denominations.

Why are we focusing on Japan? As the End-Time is approaching, the harvest is plenty, the workers are few.

If Christ is coming tomorrow, it means that more than 126,525,294 lives in Japan will be doomed because of not knowing Jesus Christ! That is almost the whole population in Japan! I wonder how would that happen? And as the disciple of Jesus Christ, what would be our answer to Christ as we all stand before His Judgement? Or we would hear something like this? "If Japan continue to worship at the Yasukuni Shrine, and continue to be silent on their mistakes in WW2, they are not worthy for Heaven! "

I wonder what would Christ answer......


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